Construction Management



At the heart of our company you’ll find a deep commitment to safety. We value the tremendous effort our employees and sub contractors display everyday to complete our projects. We are always looking out for the safety and well being for all those directly and indirectly working for MGE.

We are well versed in the MOL Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and O Reg 219/91 – Regulations for Construction Projects.

We engage early in projects to ensure proper triggers and safety elements are included at the first stages of planning so that these critical items are not overlooked.

We currently manage Construction Safety on numerous sites in Eastern Ontario and continuously evolve our best practices to stay ahead of industry norms. We are continuously focusing our efforts on new and innovative ways to engage our workers. We also use, trend data to identify possible at risk behavior before they becomes an issue.

Our company boasts 0 for LTI, RTIR and First Aid incidents. Our Construction Management has an impressive 22 years without an LTI, 8 years without a Recordable and 1 ½ years without a first aid incident!”